How to Double Lead Generation in Tele or Cold Calling?

Top four toughest Cold Calling Challenges are -

- Finding key Decision Maker Contact
- Crossing the Reception
- Overcoming Objection such as - Not Interested & Get Appointment
- Getting a Response to your Email or LinkedIn Messages

Out of all the above challenges, “ Finding Right Contact” is toughest one since
it hurts both:

- Lead Generation ratio
- Productivity

Yes, productivity as well since BD Rep(s) loose precious time in finding
decision maker(s) contact manually over Google, Directories, LinkedIn etc...
leaving them limited time for calls..

As a result, they struggle to generate enquiries.

Is there a solution to it?

Yes, there are 100s of beautiful tools that can automate ‘finding contacts’ and
reduce your list building efforts from hours to minutes.


I have compiled a list of Top 30 Tools to help you find key contacts in bulk in
minutes from -

- Websites
- Google
- Missing Database
- Linkedin etc...

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