How to connect and network with 10 people this week who're 100x more successful
and interesting than your current network

If you're not actively doing this, you could be missing out big time

Or as every get rich quick gooroo will say

"Your network is your networth"

Cringey as it gets right? But they're right about one thing

Your network is one of the biggest factors that will determine your success -
the most successful tech entrepreneurs are seriously talented at building
amazing teams and networks of support around them

In almost any space, a good place to start is people who're authors, authors
themselves can often have started and or sold a successful company - and if not,
they've got a very strong network of people in your niche

So what now?

Firstly, join their damn mailing list, almost any good author is posting email
content these days

Next, when you see them do a promotion, promote their own book, promote a
charity, anything like that...


Quickly and swiftly hand over your cash and then you've got to do this

Respond to the sales/marketing email about said promotion, and tell them you
bought their product, then follow up with an insightful question

The quality of question you ask will show this person:

How much of a fan you really are (do you read the emails)

Whether you genuinely thought about your question

And whether your someone worth talking to

Look, if you're really struggling to find one insight, you may just be in the
wrong job/niche, but there's a really icky solution...

Follow a controversial industry blog on the topic, and just take their insights
and pretend you came up with it by yourself (I've never had to do this
thankfully, this is how every major newspaper and media outlet works today,
business hey?)

Right, so far you've

a) Joined their email newsletter

b) Bought their book

c) Sent them an insightful question


Do more of the same, that's what building a relationship is about

Can you maybe introduce author 1 and author 2 to each other?

Can you buy the author a gift he will have never received before?

Can you write a guest post on their blog, invite them on your podcast, or jump
on a phone call with them and discuss a topic of interest

Whatever it is, build the relationship, give don't take, follow their email list
or social media and make comments + ask insightful questions

This is also known as, being a relatable human being

If you think the author is out of your league, he may be right now - but keep
doing this and you'll be well known in their circle, trust takes time, and this
process is one very natural way to get to know the right people

And don't forget to be an interesting person too, this whole process can be fast
tracked and accelerated if you:

* Are an expert in something they need

* If you have a large audience

* If you have or had a large company

Start connecting with people doing great things, who you also geniunely like,
and watch your life change