How To Conduct A Successful Long-Distance Job Search During A Crisis.

This is a question I've been getting asked a lot.

Finding a job is hard, finding one out of state is harder, and finding one
during a crisis feels impossible.

While it can be stressful, you can land your dream job with some preparation!

Here are 2 tips that you can use today to conduct a long-distance job search!

Tip #1: Create An Interview Bucket List

Put the 5-10 companies you'd like to work for on it.

Make sure there is something that you truly value about each of them.

Tip #2: Connect With 3-5 People At Your Bucket List Companies.

The goal of connecting isn't to ask for a job.

You should start a conversation (and hopefully a relationship) with these

Ask them for information on the company and how they came to work for it.

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