How To Build A Content Site You Can Sell For Big $

Today I watched a short 48 min training from

James Schramko

on the above topic.

James has built over 1,000 blogs (and another 1,000 for clients in his past
SEO/web dev business).

That's A LOT of blogs!

In the training James talks about how to find a domain and build a content site
that can generate "passive" revenue.

(Using an example from one of his sites in the surfing niche).

While I thought I knew and had mastered just above every content format on the

There's one dominant content format James uses... and the kicker is:

He's not the one that writes it.

He treats the blog like a business and has his team follow a specific format for
every post.

I'm personally going to be taking concepts from the training and getting the
passive revenue on the Content Mavericks blog up to where it pays for all my

James is selling the training for $19 on SuperFastResults.

I'd highly recommend it if you are growing any sort of blog and want to add a
new revenue stream to it... or...

Want to learn a simple business model where you can take your passion (boxing,
poodle breeding, world domination, etc) and turn it into a cash flowing content

I predict at least a 526x ROI in the first year if you apply it. More if you
already have a product/service you sell.

See below:

Posted by Chris Von Wilpert on Facebook