How the 5 am club with Rishabh Singh is making an impact on growing individuals

Performed under the guidance of Deepaq K.

20+ hrs of session on Ancient techniques of Mediation -

01. Peace meditation
02. Self feeling meditation
03. Forgiveness meditation
04. Breathing meditation
05. Self guarding Meditation

35+ People have signed up for the session.

15+ Positive feedback on LinkedIn posts.

80% of people have signed up twice for a 7 day session.

Next Monday i.e - 4 January 2021 we are starting our next batch.

We have limited seats to enroll in 5 am club so sneak in asap :P

It's a 6 day regular routine
Where you have to pay Rs 500 as a deposit cost.

Once you complete all the 6 days.
The money will be 100% refunded.

The deposit cost ensures your commitment towards the 5 am club.

Link in the comments to join the group & get the payment details.

DM or Comment if you have any questions regarding the 5 am club session.

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