How should you really prepare for the #IAS exam?

A few years ago, I was able to crack multiple stages of an arduous exam cycle in
a relatively short span of time. Here’s my 5 step approach on how you should
actually prepare for it :

Step 1: Don’t join a coaching institute. It is a waste of time and money.

Step 2: Download all the standard books for GS. And read them cover to cover at
least 3 times. (List in comments)

Step 3 : 3 months before prelims - start solving MCQs (of any reputed
institute). Solve at least 30 full-length papers multiple times, make diligent
notes out of them. Trust me, prelims will be a cakewalk

Step 4: Take care of your mental health: IAS preparation will eat up 2-3 years
of your life if you fail it in your first attempt (99.5% likelihood). The
uncertainty associated with the exam will ruin every aspect of your mental

Have a plan B, and be practical in life. There are exceptional options available
for today’s youth to establish a thriving career in Policy Sector, other than

Step 5: Don't be a lone warrior: Create a close network of like-minded friends
who are preparing for the exam together, and who can keep you accountable in the

Comment, if you have questions and views. Will be monitoring comments section
closely here.

Originally posted by Naman Shrivastava on LinkedIn