How people defend themselves from going out of their comfort zone?

The most famous way is, by constructing excuses/lies in mind with a slightly
true base to confirm; and these excuses/lies help in creating some sort of
self-defending walls with bulletproof scripts.

What are those excuses/ lies?
1. Don't have money.
2. You are too young/old.
3. Don't have the right skills.
4. You live in the wrong culture.
5. You are too ugly.
6. You have a family to support.
7. Don't have the right education.
8. Don't know the right people.
9. It's too hard.
10. Don't have time for it.

And the list of excuses goes on and on.

How to tackle these self-made excuses? or are still using these?

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Originally posted by Nikhil Madhukar Thite on Facebook