"How much time do you spend on LinkedIn?”

"An hour a week" I said.

"How is that possible? Every time I login I see your name”.

Here’s how:

1. I only share new content on specific days. I post new content 1-2 times per
week and typically on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.

2. The content I share comes from my weekly email list. I’ve been sharing new
content to my email list since May and I have a library full of LinkedIn-ready
content to choose from at the click of a button.

3. I scroll through LinkedIn 2-3 times per day and save posts that I’d like to
comment on. I’ll then schedule in time towards the end of the day to leave a
thoughtful/ valuable comment.

After explaining this, he went quiet…

...He then says:

"Oh, you mean you have a process?".

Without missing a beat, I reply:

"Of course. You mean you don't?"

Here’s the thing:

You’re not going to succeed by winging it.

I spend so little time on LinkedIn because I have a process. It's
not ad-hoc. I know WHAT I'm going to post and WHEN, several weeks in advance.

My process is:

- Post new content 1-2 times per week
- Choose content from my email list
- Contribute to topics/ posts that I have experience in

Are you process-driven or ad-hoc?

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