How many of you thought Google's Gsuite apps redesigned were confusing?

I saw plenty of meme's mocking the redesign saying it's difficult to tell the
apps apart

But with anything at the scale that would impact 2.6 Billion users, I'm pretty
sure they would've done their product testing

The new Google Workspace VP said that the goal was to bring together a cohesive
design to pull together a cohesive offering as remote work starts to be the norm

Their research shows users were overwhelmed by GSuite which operated each app in
silos rather as one cohesive solution

And thus while fixing the products to integrate them closer together, the
rebranding exercise was meant to visually convey this

The strategy was described as a "greater blurring between apps"

Despite the initial backlash, Google is measuring the success of the rebrand
over time with awareness studies and seeing if it translates to revenue

Have you adjusted to the new Workspace design?

What do you think?

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Posted by 👨‍💻 Jason Yim on LinkedIn