How long do you spend preparing for interviews?

Back in the day Jerry Seinfeld was playing gigs to 8 people in disco basements.

He was waiting for his big break.

In 1981, it came in the form of a phone call from The Tonight Show.

The show had a reputation for taking rising comics and fast tracking them to
paid stardom.

Jerry was offered a 3 minute time slot to make his mark.

When asked how many times he rehearsed that bit before the big night, he said:

“A thousand times.”

He ended up nailing the segment and his career took off.

That story arc isn’t too different from what you’re facing in your next job

That conversation could completely change your life.

Better pay, happier days, great people, etc.

When I was interviewing at Microsoft, Google, and Twitter, I spent 40+ hours
preparing for each.

I knew that other people might have more experience, better grades, fancier
internships, etc -- I couldn't control those things.

But I could control my preparation.

Nobody was going to outwork me.

I was going to put in the most hours, I was going to learn everything about the
company, the role, and my interviews from top to bottom.

It paid off.

If you *really* want that next job, you need to do the same.

Own what you can control.

Don't let anyone outwork you.

Posted by Austin Belcak on LinkedIn