In this post I am going to give you a list📝 of some plugins. With the help of I increase the speed of my WordPress blog🏆.

In my last post, I mentioned 11 important things about WordPress speed optimizations.

After knowing those, you can execute the process of WordPress speed optimizations.

I have explained✍️ to you quite well in it.

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I told in that post that the best plugin is wp rocket pro as well as I gave the reason for this.

I also said that I do not🙅‍♂️ use wp rocket pro plugin to increase🚀 the speed of my blog.

I watched a lot of videos on WordPress speed optimizations, read the blog post, I am very curious to know about WordPress speed optimisation.

Because I like coding and technical things. So I looked at all the techniques and plugins, and I realized that I can improve the speed of my blog using some other plugins instead of wp rocket pro.

I cannot take a loan from the bank to buy😛 wp rocket pro. hahaha🤣

First of all, I give all the information about my blog, so that you do not call my speed clickbait.

You can see the speed of my blog in the comment section.

✅I have a cloud hosting plan of Hostgator.

✅My hosting server has a data center in India.

✅I use Cloudflare CDN.

✅I have used the newspaper theme in my blog in which I have created a custom page and selected the template of that page with pagebuilder + latest article + pagination.

✅My article's home page shows 3 article sliders and 10 articles in addition.

✅Currently, the feature image has not been used in any article. Since I have done the theme of the newspaper now, I will redesign all my images according to it.

I give you the list📝 of my plugin without wasting your time. Some of these are both free and paid versions of the plugin. But I have always used the free😁 version.


✅Wp fastest cache

✅Unveil Lazy Load

✅Revision control

✅Smush Free image optimization

All the plugins that I have mentioned, I have used all of them simultaneously.

✅ compresspng. com for image compressing. Most of the time i use this site.

Now what I am going to tell you. If you read it carefully then, 💯 believe me, you will not need to know about speed optimizations🏆.

How have I learned👨‍🎓 speed optimizations🚀?

✔️I created a subdomain of my domain. It installed WordPress. Then I uploaded the theme that I want to do perfectly speed optimizations.

✔️I went to the settings of my WordPress blog, then went to a reading and discourage search engine visibility from Google indexing.

Because I am lazy, I do this work when my mood if fresh. But I do not want🙅‍♂️ my subdomain's content to be indexed in Google.

✔️After that I import the demo content of the theme, then after activating all the plugins in gtmetrix, select my data center server and see the speed of my blog.

✔️Then I enable each of the features of the plugin. Again I clear the cache of my blog, later I see its design on mobile and desktop.

✔️In some cases, if the theme code issues, then the design deteriorates, then it is necessary to look at it, along with it I keep comparing the speed with the old speed testing data.

✔️I do this process until the features of the plugin are over.

It takes time but there is no loss of data and maximum speed is obtained.

If you do not understand this, then message me, I have seen a lot of videos, then I will give you a link to one of the videos.

But there will hardly be any such video in which the things I have told are told together.

I have learned from my experiment.


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