How has keyword strategy in SEO changed? Are keywords still important?

Keywords then - Used for the purpose of stuffing and prioritised by keyword
density to impress the search engines.

Keywords now- they convey strong meaning. They act like personas to serve
focused content to the target audience.

Keywords are extremely important. #seoprofessionals restricting through keyword
research, limiting them to primary, secondary, tertiary, relying on age old
practices such as keyword density, copying competitor keywords are stirring a
perfect recipe for disaster.

Keywords in #SEO have moved beyond all of above and many more factors. Today
#searchengineoptimization is more about topics, long tail (conversational)
terms, related keywords that can be meaningfully included in the relevant
customer lifecycle (reach, acquire, nurture, retention and to serve the intent
behind the search.

Tip: Conducting keyword research first then creating content copy blindly on the
basis of research keyword should be a no no.
Instead try with some reverse engineering. Conduct a topic research, identify
the audience for the topic, figure out the lifecycle stage and then further hunt
down keywords that would be primary to the topic and well as develop more
clusters and sub topics!


Posted by Shantanu Swaraj on LinkedIn