How far does your health obsession go?

Smart watches measuring your blood glucose levels

And your heart rate to tell you if something's off.

We're slowly but surely outsourcing our wellness to multiple devices.

And ignoring our inner voice.

You know, the one that tells you to get some sleep.

Eat good food. We tune out both, hunger pangs and when the body says enough

Or fatigue signals telling us we should be taking things easy and not stress too

The mobile phone has become the master we blindly submit to.

Now, there's a device called Lumen.

And it hacks your metabolism. Tells you if it is on track through the day.

Suggests a detailed diet plan to compensate or cut down.

You breathe into it in the morning or before a meal and you'll get feedback on
how your body is doing.

One more chart to obsess about.

Monitoring used to be for patients who had a problem.

Checking blood sugar levels. Or blood pressure.

Lumen has evolved from studying high performance athletes and what they need to
do in training for competitions.

So the pedigree is impressive.

Question is, do you need a device to tell you how you're doing.

It certainly appears that way.

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Posted by Venu Gopal Nair on LinkedIn