How effective are the internship programs in colleges or universities?

Are they confined only to technology training?

In the early days of our startup, we initiated a free 6 months internship
program for the students in Engineering Colleges. Even though we were only 4
members then, our AI and ML domain expertise helped them complete their project
successfully, and it turned out to be one of the best in their batch.

After months, they came back to us with the great news that they got placement
in an AI-based venture with a good package.
They were not only thankful for the guidance we provided in the core Machine
Learning concepts, but also they felt the real transformation in their
initiative and organization skills, handling responsibility and learning
collaboration, and adapting to stressful situations in professional life.

Thus startups can substantially contribute in eradicating unemployment among
educated professionals ensuring 360-degree skill development!

JPnMe Pvt. Ltd