1- I can Increase your brand awareness

you can measure this by

  • How many potential customers we are reaching.
  • What is the reach of your post- how many of them it has reached in a week/month etc;
  • How many mentions and shares we are getting.

2- Drive traffic to your website

  • How many visitors are coming from social channels
  • what is the percentage of traffic from social media over total traffic?
  • What is the bounce rate of social media?
  • How many clicks you are getting on your social media posts?

You can measure these with Google Analytics.

3- Lead generation

  • How many leads have we collected from social media?
  • How people have downloaded your gated content, who are from social media.
  • How many people have participated in events or contests and shared their information with you.
  • How many clicks you are getting on the lead generation post.
  • Conversion of leads from social media.

4-Revenue Growth.

  • How many signups or how much revenue is social media bringing in.
  • What is the revenue from ads?

5- Building a community around your business.

  • For FB Groups- No. of posts, likes and comments- it shows how engaged is your community.
  • For Twitter chats - How many ppl are engaged in your twitter chat and how engaged are they.

There are many more which we as an SMM measure.

Please don't undervalue what we are doing and do not count on how many hours or how we do the work.