How do you 3X traffic without creating new content or updating existing content?

That traffic increase led to an additional 5,000 qualified leads.

It's 100% free. And you can replicate it, too.


By repurposing content.

One of the most successful pieces of content I ever worked on was a 30-page

It took 8 months to create but has driven more than 60,000 visits and 15,200
qualified leads.

The guide was gated, which meant that Google couldn't read the content.

So, 12 months after launching the guide, I took the first chapter in the guide
and published it as a blog post.

That blog post has now generated 166,000 visits and 4,256 leads.

I did the exact same process with the second chapter, too.

That second blog post has now generated 56,000 visits and 1,477 leads.

So, whether you have a 5-page guide or a 50-page guide, you can repurpose
content in a number of ways.

You can:

- Use the content in your social media posts
- Use the content in your guest posting strategy
- Use the content in your email nurturing program

Or, you can break up the guide and turn it into several blog posts.

This process helped one guide generate an additional 220,000 visits and 5,733
qualified leads.

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