How did you feel when you left the job to start a startup?

Did you feel frightened?

This is the most common question I get while dealing with students

Fear is the most dominant force in human behaviour.

'What if it doesn't work' is the only question which stops people from jump into

My answer is simple:

- One should define own risk appetite in terms of number of years full time
which can be devoted, money which can be invested etc

- Then one should define own success criteria in terms of revenue, impact,
clients, employees after 1-3 years

- Then, you have a clear answer to your fear. If I achieve these success
criteria within this risk appetite, I am done.

- Answer to 'what if it doesn't work' is even simpler. Entrepreneurship is a
mindset which stays with you forever. If the startup doesn't work, you would
definitely be valuable to someone as early hire/intrapreneur. It doesn't go to
waste at all.

Your thoughts?

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Originally posted by Harshad Bhagwat on LinkedIn