“How did the interview go?”

“I don’t think they’re lucky enough to have me.”

When I was struggling to get my first job back in 2002 in the aftermath of the
9/11 attack, after multiple interview rejections, after a while, I stopped
trying too hard and curiously enough developed a sense of humour realising that
I can anyway only control my controllables and not the outcome.

Most decisions & events are governed by completely irrational behaviours.
People’s moods, biases and recent events color reactions & decisions.

Having a sense of humour, not taking yourself seriously is an essential
ingredient for navigating life & work.

I’ve noticed that as you keep trying hard while still maintaining a sense of dry
humour detaching yourself from the outcome, you start to get “lucky”.

Agree? Your views?

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Originally posted by Vedanarayanan Vedantham on LinkedIn
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