So I was going through my Twitter feed and saw this

) and thought the biggest leverage for social platforms are the network effects
so why not write on this today.

So I started listing down the reasons for the network effects of the clubhouse,
so far got these 11 points to Pull a Network Effect like Clubhouse (in random

A. Easy Creation Tool

B. Private

C. Initial Endorsement

D. Exclusivity of invite/referrals

E. Social Currency

F. iOS

G. Public Relations, not PR

H. Team & Community

I. Timing

J. Silicon Valley

K. Tailwinds

* the rise of creators

* podcast growth

* acceptance of the audio first approach

* the need for realtime personal connection and engagement

* lookout for next/alternative social/cool platform

* tech/startup trends

Let me know if I have missed something or you would like to add to the list &
also comment down below to share other relevant hacks & tactics to build network
effects in product and services.

Full article published here:

How Clubhouse built it's Network Effect?

11 Growth Hack to Pull a Network Effect like Clubhouse

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