How can you create enduring happiness - as an entrepreneur & even as an

The #Happiness #Framework by the late Tony Hsieh in his book 'Delivering
Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose' is an awesome place to

Tony talks about various levels of happiness. The first level is 'pleasure' Here
you are looking for a constant flow of stimuli - you get it once in a while.
Tony calls it “Rock Star” type of happiness because you can have it constantly
if you are living the lifestyle of a rock star.

The second level is what Tony talked about is 'flow'. Its what athletes call
'being in the zone' - where performance meets engagement time flies by - and you
get happiness. Its longer lasting than pleasure but usually has an end time.

The third level is 'higher purpose'. Its being part of an organization, a
movement larger than yourself. It gives you a purpose for existence. Many orgs.
including the military, religious sects talk about this higher purpose.

Most of us prioritize pleasure first; & then flow & then higher purpose. Tony
talked about us reversing the order.

If you get higher #purpose right first - you are happy for a long period of
time; then you prioritize #flow - & only after that do you prioritize #pleasure.

Worth trying?

Posted by Kingshuk Hazra on LinkedIn