In my honest opinion, please do not leave your job just because you have an idea. If you really believe in your idea, start networking with people, talk to them, make friends, search for a technical co-founder.

There are lot of ways you can make a website, the technology decision can be made once there are requirements in place. Website can be a static site with information, blog, cms, lms, web applications etc. The simplest of the static sites could be made using simple HTML, CSS & Twitter Bootstrap. Managing a website again depends on the kind of site it is.

To start with you should have sufficient cash to have a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Once you have a MVP ready or you have launched a beta version, you should get some traction or active users for your site, preferable paid users. After having reasonable user base you could try approaching angel investors or VC with your business plan.

A better approach is to get together a team and approach Incubators. Incubators help you with work-space, infrastructure, mentoring , networking and some start-up funding too.

There are exception to all of the above but for that you need to have an exceptional team, meet the right people and you need to have "Bloody Good Luck' :)