"How can I acquire more international clients?"

"You should go all-in on LinkedIn", I replied.

"Not a blog or SEO?" They asked. "Nope, neither" I said.

Now, I might be wrong, but here’s why I said it:

It took me 2 years to generate 100,000 content views on a blog.

(That was in 2012, when there was much less competition!).

In those 2 years, I created 75 marketing leads (MQLs) and 1 sales-qualified lead
(valued at $3,500 ACV).

Compare that to LinkedIn:

I started actively posting content in May.

It’s taken 5 months to generate 100,000 content views.

In that time, I’ve created 8 sales-qualified leads (SQLs) valued at $225,000

That’s 8X more opportunities. And 4X faster.

That’s why I suggested they go all-in on LinkedIn.

How would you reply to their question?

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