Holi is undoubtedly one of my favourite festivals of the year.
Usually, most of the Holi ads that we see have an emotional quotient attached.
But, recently, I came across this ad by Fevicol, which I felt was really
different from the usuals, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t find it

So if you’ve noticed Tide detergent ads, you would find an uncanny resemblance
to the white swipe that you can see behind this colourful t-shirt in this
advertisement by Fevicol. They also used Tide’s famous tagline,” Kyun,nahi
chauke na?” We know how Tide claims to make our clothes so white if we use the
detergent, and this is where Fevicol tries to come up with their own claim that
once you’ve got something stuck with Fevicol, it is impossible to get it off
even if you use the best detergent available
This ad indeed captured the customer’s attention with their take on Tide’s
iconic tagline and advertising style. So their intention did succeed after all!

But nevertheless, Tide didn’t fail to come up with a fitting reply to this ad
with their own addition of humour to it! 😄

How clever was this! What is your take on Fevicol’s ingenious idea of promoting
their brand? Have you come across ads like these that have left you thinking for
a while?🤔
#advertising #marketing