Hi Saas fam. Looking for advice.
Currently our MRR is $23K, with crunch rate of 10-12%. Our LVT is unknown as its
our second month. Most of our costumers are from email list scrapped from fb
groups. Our niche is IG organic growth.
Currently we are advertising on Google. going to start YT ads shortly with
explainer video. Have 40ish reviews, all positive.
What do you suggest to attract more leads and costumers as FB is banning our ads
account and from Google we just got few conversions with ad spent of 3K per
SEO? Bing ads? Affiliate marketing? Influencer marketing?
P.S we continue doing what we do best but looking other ways to get bigger.

Originally posted by Giorgi Gogidze on Facebook
link: facebook.com/groups/965673390154514/user/100026141493194/