Hi everyone.

I am exploring challenges some of SAAS companies are living with their payment
processing fees...

1) What is the % of your sales that are « recurring » (monthly subscribtions,
with less than 30% monthly churn)

2) What is the average processing fees you are currently paying? (Like, 2.9% +
30 cents per transaction?)

3) How willing would you be to switch to pre-authorized payments (automatically
debit your customers in their bank account every month) to reduce considerably
your processing fees? (Under 25 cents/transaction, NO PERCENTAGE at all)

If answers pointing to where I think it will, I might have an opportunity to
build an MVP from our current partnerships for a pre-authorized payment
solution. This is why I ask... market validation 101.

I think that SAAS product with higher subscribtion fees could benefit a lot from

Thanks y’all!

Posted by Frédérick Foley Rousseau on Facebook
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