Hi all ! Long time member, first time poster looking for advice on an issue
regarding name and trademarks.

I am in Canada. I have been developing a SAAS platform for about two years and
approaching Beta version (I know). I had chosen a name which did not exist and
purchased all the valuable domains before that. (name.com, name.net, name.io,
name.ca, etc.) but have not registered any official trademarks.

While examining my new tour site presence on Google, I noticed a search result
from Captera from another person using the same name for the same type of
product. It looks like a rather small Web agency in Italy is using the name for
one of their "solutions". It does not particularly bother me since I do not plan
to do business in Italy, but it does bother me that they have a Google presence
(although very feeble) which could interfere with mine if they intend to make it
into something.

Since I noticed this, I have also secured name.it and name-sector.com. What
would you do, given that I cannot afford legal fees at this time ? Friendly
email ? Bluff with a cease and desist ? Ignore them and simply occupy the space

Posted by Félix Desmeules on Facebook
link: facebook.com/felix.desmeules.98