Which problems do you usually face in the education area?

I would like to tell you my story.

First of all, I must say that education plays a vital role in building
successful people.

In quarantine, I decided to put my time into self-development and started taking
online courses on different platforms. It surprised me how much they lack of
communication among participants and how plenty of educational materials are of
pure quality. I came across the idea to found


(https://educate-me.co) - is a platform for online education, that allows you to
transfer classic offline education into the online format without losing real
communication and the structure of an educational organization.

Why you should choose


among other LMS?

You will not lose the REAL COMMUNICATION among participants. As a result, it
will increase the engagement of each student and the percentage of students who
finished the course.

* ALL-IN-ONE solution. You don't need to use additional tons of services. It
reduces the chance for students to get confused through many links and
simplify the user experience.

* FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. You can transfer your identity to the platform and
students will not even know about the existence of an intermediary company.

* The platform provides a Trello-based solution for HOME ASSIGNMENT. Timely
support, communication with mentors, and other students increases the value
of the course itself.

If you are from the educational business check it out and feel welcome to join.


What do you guys think about that? Feel free to discuss or reach me out

Posted by Roman Shauk on Facebook
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