Hey!! StartupTalkers,

Sharing with You my 10 years learning to Welcome New Year 2020
!!#IndiaANDmy10years. Choose, Consume and Apply "any one" or "all of them"
("None of Below" bhi chalega Read.


"Innovation is solving a problem that everybody know and nobody is even trying
to solve"


"Have No Choice means you are Fast and Focus"


"Meeting Like-minded is like seeing yourself in the mirror"


"Quitting is a result of a fraction of a second, that you need to ignore and


"When nobody believes you, only you can challenge yourself to prove yourself"


"Just a few can see the large Vision and check if that was YOU. Celebrate and


"CHANGE is not a competition, Change is not a startup, Change is a


"Success is right TIME, right PEOPLE, and money will follow"


"Entrepreneur's Passion & right TIME matters"


"Your Decision are Yours only, there is nothing wrong and right even if it
doesn't work"


"You are born to Fly"


"Even you think you are "Nothing"…but there are well wishers, your followers who
make you feel that you did INSPIRE them"


"Cash is the only King and make its SIZE BIG"


"You know YOU yourself when you share what YOU know"


"Sharing is a new economy"

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