Hey StartupTalkers!

Our member

Rajat Chakraborty

has written a book and covered his Experiences for YOUTH INDIA.

Rajat, invited me for a video interview last year (one part of that video i also
posted here). He told me he is doing something for students and entrepreneurs.
Few days back, i got a courier with a nice cover book and i found myself as a
part of this book under section "words of wisdom".

Rajat, truely belives in the power of the youth of India. He states that in
2020, the average age of India population will be 29 and India is expected to
have a 34.33% share of #youthIndia

The motive of writing this book is to tell Youth what they should do and avoid
the TRAPPED life of doing nothing, achieve nothing, not knowing the ground
reality . The first chapter starts with CURIOSITY, and Vicious Cycle. He has put
all his gems of learning in Part-A.

We all wish Rajat for his mission for Youth. Congratulations! #ASKrakeshSIDANA

Posted by Rakesh Sidana on Facebook
link: facebook.com/rakesh.sidana