Hey!! StartupTalkers!!

I have been working, mentoring, approciating, listening, writing for-
"entrepreneurs" because I see them as mirror. I can relate to everything what
they want, their zeal and passion "to do what they love to do". Bring them
together, collaboration is all my pleasure to work with them closely across
India and the world.

I started GoPreneur GoMechanic + EntrPereneur) at


and made this successful with a presence in 30+ Cities from Siliguri to Solapur,
spread across India. We started this before lockdown. We also got listed on
Government Of India #AtamaNirbharBharat website.

Covid-19 was tough period in eveybody's life, many lost their jobs. This
collaboration has worked for us as every entrepreneur is doing what they want to
do after we give them training. You can apply if you want to be a part of it:-

#passionatepeople #Jobs #covid19hiring #entreneurship #makeinindia

Thank You!! Let's work together for a common vision. Check out website of
GoMechanic.in just to know about us.
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