Hey Marketers,

I have been in Digital Marketing Space for around a Year Now,

And just like every other newbie,

I have tried everything

Failed at most of things

Took various courses and burnt my savings

Later on joined this Authentic communities and connected with master marketing
minds and I've realized,

The power of implementation,

Again started from scratch

And Now got the momentum,

I just have a question at this point,

I have learned enough theoretically about

Various Ads Platforms,


I am struggling to figure out

How I can learn this complete practically like a Project,

How to run ads and most importantly for whom I should run ads and practice?

(P.S. :

Being serious about digital advertising

I was looking for PPC internships

But unable to get it )

Kindly suggest.

Posted by Pratik Palkar on Facebook
link: facebook.com/pratik.palkar.777