Hey, I have a nuance pricing question!
We're restructuring our plans, and going to be requiring one time onboarding
fees. For example, with our middle tier plan it will be $197 per month + a one
time $1,000 onboarding fee.
As it sits, that would mean the first month they would be billed $1,197 and the
following months would be just the $197/mo
My question: Is it common practice to not charge the client for the first months
subscription ($197 in this case), when you have an onboarding fee?
I heard that from a mentor today, but I am not sure if they're correct. My
concern is I don't want our leads to assume they're getting that first month's
subscription waived in place of a higher onboarding fee, only to then be
unpleasantly surprised during the sign up process - which will of course lead to
lower conversions.
Excited to hear anyone and everyone's input!

Originally posted by Kyle Bigger on Facebook
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