Hey guys, my name is Refat, and I'm a CEO at SpreadSimple which is featured at
AppSumo now.

I feel like I need to clarify some things. You may have heard that I am related
to ITG.digital LTD that is over, unfortunately.

In fact, I was involved in the development of ITG previously, but I didn't make
any non-technical decisions related to ITG.

Moreover, the ITG was acquired recently and the new management decided to close
the project and, of course, I can not influence this in any way. It was a great
experience helping with the development of ITG and I was really excited to be a
co-maker on Product Hunt and to spread the word about it. But it's over and as
an ex-developer, I can't change this. At least directly.

Of course, some people might say that there is no need to make excuses, but for
some reason, several active users continue to spread negative information, so I
need to clarify this publicly.

As many of you have already noted, SpreadSimple is a great deal. We have
long-term intentions and ready for a serious commitment! SpreadSimple is here to

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