Hexowatch update news:

Right now developers are working on two big projects with a longer development
horizon than our usual shorter updates:

Upgrading our infrastructure stack
Version 3.0 of Hexowatch

Infrastructure to power our vision

From the very start we built Hexowatch on the Google Cloud platform in order to
have a scalable infrastructure.

Growth is great but also means hitting limitations that even Google themselves
encounter although we are just doing just shy of 60M checks a day

So we hired more DevOps and our Google rep connected us with their partner
engineering team to help us optimize our infrastructure and take advantage of
their bleeding edge tech.

The first fruits of this collaboration just rolled out last week, with more
coming soon!

Hexowatch 3.0

Hexowatch will inherit many of the breakthrough features of the browser tech we
developed for Hexomatic when we launch version 3 in the next months including:

Mobile app for notifications

Upgraded monitors using our new crawling & browsing tech

Hundreds of compatibility improvements

New anti-bot countermeasures

Better IP rotation as standard
Optional residential proxy support using premium credits

Originally posted by Jorge Aguilar Avendaño on Facebook
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