Here's why the next decade will be life-changing:

- Our devices are going to be more powerful

- There will be 5G in most parts of the world

- There will be advanced usage of AI & ML

- Making memes will be a skill

- Online gaming will be a career

- VR will be a big thing

- More people will move into freelancing

- Apple will hit $3 Trillion, Tesla may hit $1 Trillion

- SpaceX may revolutionize space travel

- There will be autonomous cars on the ground

- Hyperloop may become a reality

- We may not even have to step into an office for work

- Blockchain may go mainstream

Fascinating, isn't it? 😉

Nevertheless, these are only my speculations that may or may not happen but the
development will be interesting to see. 🚀

What are the things that you are dreaming to see become a reality? 🤔

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