Here's my secret recipe for success:

You have to post once on LinkedIn every day.

Tag a bunch of really popular influencers at least twice a week.

And you need to comment on at least 5 other people's posts daily.

Next head to Twitter and schedule 3 tweets to run throughout the day, at least 3
hours apart.

And after that...

You should delete any formulas you think will be the perfect, foolproof recipe
for success.

Because there are infinite roads to success.

And they all look different depending on who you're analyzing.

Your path to success, on social media or otherwise, probably won't be identical
to what I find works for me.

So don't feel pressured to post every day or comment 100x or use this platform
or that platform just because someone else says that's what you HAVE to do.

Don't want to post on LinkedIn?

Try a different platform to find the right community for you.

Too stressful to create content every single day?

Create on the cadence that provides you with a healthy sense of balance.

Figure out what your sweet spot is and stick to that.


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Originally posted by Chantelle M. on LinkedIn