Here's a shady implementation of AI that almost all of us have seen.

I'm talking about airlines and all travel sites that get you to spend more
whenever book something from their site.

The plan starts before you even book your ticket. They track your searches and
know which flights you’re wanting to book.

Then when you come back and do the same search, they will happily increase the
price of the flight you want to take.

Alongside the price, you’ll often find a big red font saying, “Only 2 seats left
at this price!” This is not true! It's just a pressure tactic 😰

Now you think "Oh god! Prices went up since the last time I searched. I must
book now!"...and you pay a higher fare.

Has this ever happened with you?

#travel #airlines #ai #entrepreneur #machinelearning

Originally posted by Ayushmaan Kapoor on LinkedIn