Here is what I do to build a Swipe File Library.
1) Every Ad that I come across that resonates with me, I copy its caption and headline and store it in my Keep notes.
2) Then I click on this ad and go to the optin page and screenshot the whole thing.
3) Now, I opt in with an email id that I have specifically created to build my email swipe file... That means, Every Masterclass or Free straining or even paid training that I opt into, I do it with this email id... So I get all the indoctrination/follow up/upsell/soap opera sequences that others are using.
4) I also make sure to save the Optin/Sales/ThankYou Pages in separate folders so I can access it anytime to get more copy and structure ideas.
5) 2-3 times a week, I visit the ad library just to get a little sneak peek of what kind of ads are being run by Frank Kern and other leaders in the industry. And I save them too in my keep notes or dedicated word documents.
6) Last but not the least, I also encourage my team to do these things so it's not just one man's effort. We keep building it so we can always go a step further and create kick-ass copy.
Remember: It doesn't matter how you do it. what's Important is that you do it.
Build the habit of interacting with the ads and also documenting every step that is involved in your interaction.
The process of building your own swipe file library is so much fun 🙂