Here is something for all you StartupTalky guys, entrepreneurs #RateTheChat
#CommunicationSkills #HowToGetReplyFast

Example. Chat3 : 10/10 etc.

I have been receiving many messages from people who know me but i don't know
them In Facebook World, you can ping to anybody, anytime, anywhere. Before i say
"Hi" (after reading Fb Security Warning for stranger message) I try to figure
out if i should reply or not.

There are 4 chat messages (Chat1, Chat2, Chat3, Chat4) Can you please help me
RATING Chat Messages of Stranger out of 10.

Example. Chat3 : 10/10 etc.

PS: If you reply, i will write some "Communication Tips and Learning Why
Investors, Senior People don't reply you What you lack in your messages.

Posted by Rakesh Sidana on Facebook