Here is how I made my client $22,000 in just 22 days by spending $3,057.51 at a
ROAS of 7.19

PS - The ClickFunnels screenshot says $5.5k, because 6 sales were financed and
pay $250 a month, adding to a total of $3k in place of $2k. But as it's a sale
the money will eventually flow-in over the year.

Let me walk you through the details and how did we make this happen....

Details about the Project:

Niche - Education / Coaching

Sub-Niche - Real Estate

Revenue - $22,000

Ad Spend - $3,057.51

ROAS - 7.19

Platform - Facebook

Here is how we begun:

Step - 1 : We started with setting up the funnel first. As we knew this was a
$2,000 ticket product, we focused on having more videos on the page. The flow of
the funnel was something like this:

Ads > Landing Page [opt-in] > Presentation [offer] > Sale

Step - 2 : Target Audience - The added benefit that we had this time was that my
client had a list of past purchases, based on which I created a LLA and tested
multiple variants of it.

Step - 3 : Campaign Set-up:

Let me first brief you how did I set-up the pixel tracking:
Video Views - Anyone who saw the ad and watched the video was captured here

View Content - Anyone who clicked on the ad and visited the landing page

Lead - Anyone who visited the landing page and opted in

Purchase - Anyone who watched the presentation and bought the course

TOF >> 1 Campaign > 7/8 Ad Sets > 3/4 Ads each

Campaign objective - Conversion and View Content

CBO with $50/day

1st Ad Set - Interest Targeting

2nd Ad Set - Interest Targeting

3rd Ad Set - Interest Targeting

4th Ad Set - Interest Targeting

5th Ad Set - LLA 1%

6th Ad Set - LLA 2%

7th Ad Set - LLA 3-5%

8th Ad Set - LLA 6-10%

1st Ad - Video Ad of the client explaining his positioning and what he has
helped people achieve. How he was able to create an impact on their lives.

2nd Ad - A different variant of 1st Ad

3rd Ad - Video Ad of the client showing the work-in-progress and his working
system. Along with his success story.

MOF >> 1 Campaign > 4 Ad Sets > 2 Ads each

Objective - Conversion

CBO - $50/day

1st Ad Set - 50% Video Views

2nd Ad Set - 75% Video Views

3rd Ad Set - 90% Video Views

4th Ad Set - View Content

1st Ad - A video of the client discussing the concept and the need to create
wealth. Adding points about his success and sharing one video testimonial in the

2nd Ad - Different location and different testimonial, same story line as 1st

TOF >> 1 Campaign > 1 Ad Set > Leads

ABO - $40/day

I hope this helps you to optimize your ads and start driving in results that
make you super profitable!

Originally posted by Punit Khatri on Facebook