Here for good.

You might have heard this tag line associated with a bank. Name it in comments,
if you can recall.

What I believe, it suits more to startups.

Startups - here for good!

As a startup, we are here to solve problems, to bring ease, comfort,
convenience, prosperity, positivity... (it is a blank canvas, add it whatever
you want to see and offer).

A single idea excites us and our passion fuel it to take it forward.

Everyday we wake up with more positive thoughts to progress.

The day you realize that frustration, negativity & anger is taking over
positivity, excitement and passion.

Rather than continuing this for long, you need to stop for a while.

Revisit -

1. Why & for whom you are doing this?

2. Is there any change in expectations?

3. Expectations are same, but have you missed the track?

4. Is team happy with the progress and are on the same page with respect to
collective goals?

If there is mismatch with first version of response (when you thought of working
on your startup), fix it for you and the team first. Then fix problems of your
target users.

Because, #Starups are here for good!

For #entrepreneurs, #teams, individuals, societies, nations and the world.