1. Loyal customers will spend more money with you According to a survey
conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, only about half of all customers
make at least one repeat purchase. In retail, this number sinks even further (to
41%!) and drops even lower (to 37%) for purchases made online. To be fair, this
is not exactly surprising; after all, we have dozens of options available to us
when we want to spend our hard-earned cash. So what’s the solution? A loyalty
program can help you improve customer lifetime value (CLV) by facilitating
repeated purchases from your most valuable clients. Moreover, it can also help
you retain more customers by rewarding them for staying loyal and coming back
for more!

2. A loyalty program makes it easier to collect feedback from your customers We
live in an era where opinions are shared without hesitation or fear of
retribution, but that hasn’t always been the case. As recently as 2014,
businesses were hesitant to ask consumers for their opinion on social media
sites like Facebook and Twitter . This was before mass adoption of these
platforms could be taken as an indication that people were eager to share their
thoughts and experiences with others online. Nowadays, there is no shortage of
tools that allow businesses to collect feedback from consumers quickly and
easily; there’s no excuse not to do so!

3. Loyalty programs are easy for your clients to use Getting new leads is easy;
getting leads into your funnel is even easier; converting those leads into
paying customers takes some effort—especially if your product or service is
above average or competitively priced—but keeping those customers happy will
ensure they become repeat buyers who make up a large percentage of your total
revenue stream over time. Why? Because once you’ve gotten them hooked on what
you offer, they won’t want to order their supplies anywhere else other than from
you! That’s why loyalty programs are so important; they're designed specifically
with the intention of keeping clients coming back again and again! If your
business offers products or services that require regular replenishment (such as
groceries), then implementing a customer loyalty program can be invaluable!

Posted by Adeel Khan on Facebook