I'd like to explain my thoughts and if you could recommend me any kind of lesson
to purchase i'd really appreciate it.

I've seen many people say that it's better to get free email leads and then
market them, some others say it's better to get an email along with $37 - $97
since that email / customer is already more valuable than the freebie one.

One thing is for sure, that the 2nd way of collecting leads (the paid one) will
probably give you back the money of the ad cost.
On the other side, getting way more leads for free and knowing how to turn them
into customers using email copywriting skills might be better.

So this is where i am getting lost.

Should I "lose" money to receive more emails ? Should I ask right away for $37
and get less emails?
Should I combine both and get the email first and redirect to payment?

Maybe all work? How many times should I email the potential customer and what
should I say?
Each day? Every 3 days?

I hope you get what I am looking for. Can you recommend me someone trustful that
know what he's taking about?
I have no problem to pay for a masterclass as long as they know what they're
talking about.

I know that I'll get useful answers here, so if I am missing a gem, please
recommend it to me.

Thank you a lot for your time.

PS: I have copy-pasted this from a forum because I would like to know your