Hello Everyone,

Thought to share an important update here.

I was relieved of my position at Inc42 Media last week. This was a voluntary
move taken back in the month of Feb.

My love towards products, marketing, sales and, startups made me choose to
pursue full-time consulting career going forward.

So, now I am open for remote consulting in product and growth functions.

In order to save time for both of us and to set clear expectations, here are the
deliverables and commitments from my side.

One time, no obligation, 30 mins on-call consultation for free.

1. One hour scheduled call every week.
2. Four calls a month

As a product & growth partner to your journey, I will be happy to contribute my
strategies in;

Product Management
Customer Experience

For commercials and further discussion please show your interest in the comment
and I will be happy to discussion via DM.