Hello everyone. I wasn't active in this chat for quite a while, but now I need
your helpful advice

We recently launched an online startup valuation calculator

It aims not to give a precise estimation of startups' value (I doubt anyone
can), but to give startup founders a better understanding on HOW to calculate
their valuation and WHAT aspects influence the final numbers the most from the
investors' prospective.

We already collected some first feedback from startups & investors, but I
realized that we need more opinions.

While we were building this tool, we consulted with InnMind investment analyst
and a few friendly VCs from our close network, but that's not enough.

I just recalled that there are many startup founders and experts in this group
and decided to ask your opinion, feedback and advice on what do you think of it.
I'll appreciate your feedback and even critical comments if you have any. I want
to make it more advanced and handy at the end of the day.

Please feel free to comment directly here or pm me if you prefer. Thanks a lot!
And have a nice day!


Startup Valuation Calculator by InnMind.

Calculate your company valuation before fundraising! #1 Free tool, recommended
by venture and angel investors.

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