Hello, Connections!

I wanted to share a case study.

But I always got tensed when I thought about how to present it.

Yes, my presentation skills are not that good but I have tried Canva and
designed this case study.

Hope you find it insightful!

Recently I did 3 Facebook ad campaigns and had shared a post regarding the same
long back.

Here is the case study about the ad campaign.

It covers :
1) Total leads, reach, impressions, CPL, and amount spent.
2) Target Audience used.
3) Tips on what you need to do before you start a campaign.

Also have started work on my Instagram page as well.

I will share the link to the new account once I have some interesting stuff
added for you all.

Share your thoughts and any questions that you have regarding the same.

#casestudy #facebookads