I used to think about this every time.

Then I decided to study successful entrepreneurs.

An here are my learnings from working with successful people

They all do these simple things:

1. FOCUS- Focus is the key. Start with One thing for a day, move to One thing
for a week, a month, a year. It does take 10,000 hours to be successful. No
wonder there is little competition at the top

2. CONSISTENCY - Choose a goal you want to accomplish. Identify one action
that’s required to achieve it. Create a plan to track that action for at least
60 days or until it becomes a habit.

3. ENVIRONMENT- Attract good things/people in your life. We are the average of 5
people we spend most time with. So choose an environment which helps you become
a better version of yourself.

4. STUDENT- Be a student for life, keep learning everyday as if it is the first
day of your life. The more you fail the more your chances of success improve.
Improve 1% everyday

5. DON'T FOLLOW - what everyone is doing, don't bother what people are saying.
Only 1% of the world is amazingly successful, they are leaders

What is stopping you?


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