Have you ever connected with clients who talk at length about what they want but
are unwilling to pay the right price for it? 😅

As a newbie, I was always shy to be talking about pricing first. To be honest, I
still am. But there is a difference now.

I get 25-30 queries everyday. I filter them out based on certain criterias :

1. Credibility of the client ✅
2. Trust factor in my abilities ✅✅
3. Seriousness level ✅✅✅
4. Interest in working with me ✅✅✅✅

While connecting on call, I lend a soft ear to listening to requirements and
offering my suggestions in ten minutes. After that, I start the discussion
around pricing to evaluate whether I can work with the client or not.

This process ensures that I connect on call with just 2-3 highly serious clients
everyday who will be happy to pay me for my efforts. 🤑📈

P.S : What approach do you follow for filtering clients? 🤔

P.P.S : Ever had experiences where the client explained his requirements for one
hour and things did not materialise because of the budget? 😅

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Posted by Vagisha Arora on LinkedIn
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