Have a *system* for your metrics?

Just bar charts are not good enough for a startup, even at the very beginning.

You need a *system* for tracking metrics so that metrics are not an afterthought
even in the early days. The system captures what you care about today and as you
progress you can add new items to track seamlessly in your *system* and it
tracks the quality of your business in a comprehensive way.

So when you start fundraising, this system does wonders. Not only does it
communicate how you work, it really helps investors *understand* your traction
numbers far more clearly than just the basic charts.

It's really hard to do *after* someone asks for the details about your numbers.

So just build your metrics systems from the early days. You will curse less
during fundraising ;)

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Posted by Vaibhav Domkundwar on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/better