Growing up in a tier-2 city in India, I observed:

(1) If you were to learn a foreign language like French or Spanish, you had to
attend an elite English medium school:
- You can now use a free app called Duolingo to learn a foreign language.
- I learnt the basics of Spanish using this app.

(2) Schools in tier-2 cities were staffed with sub-par teachers. This problem
has only exacerbated now:
- However, now you have the option to learn from Khan Academy. The person who
runs it is HBS + MIT alum; the tutoring is as good as it gets.
- Before going to INSEAD, I watched the entire lectures on Finance and they were
wonderful to watch.

(3) If you attended a non-elite college in India, you got 0 exposure to
international research, internship and work opportunities:
- Several options have come up now.
- Cases Over Coffee launched a Global Fellowship ( with
a vision to make practical international learning opportunities available to
students/working professionals across the world.

Interestingly all these avenues are very recent.
The next 10 years would belong to self learners, who identify and leverage such

So wake up and smell the coffee. If you are not learning things on your own, you
are missing out.

Posted by Akshat Shrivastava on LinkedIn